Thank you for viewing my work!

My photos are not about technicality, being perfectly lit or composed. My photos are about conveying a feeling, environment or mood.

As a photographer, my modus operandi has often been to shoot what I cannot have or cannot be. My fascination with this world's abundance of behaviors, cultures and pastimes has kept a camera in my hand. Photography is my ticket to discovery. It has been my fast track to making the acquaintance of a stranger in a third world country. Where language has been barrier, my camera generated friendship.

In my personal work, it is often times to grasp a memory, to hold on to nostalgia. To look at the visual document evokes the feeling all over again. While the consciousness can become jaded, photographs are visual proof. The intent of my photos is to tell a story, thru my eyes and experience.

When I am shooting, I am idle, focused, in the present. Locked into the moment of timelessness I often feel while making a picture. It's the only time I'm not reflecting on the past or projecting into the future. Truly in my element, photography has become my lifestyle. Whether creating images for commissioned jobs or personal work, photography is my way of life.  

As a photographer, I am not much of a talker, sometimes a director, always an observer.

Since taking an art photography class to fulfill a broadcast journalism degree in college, and spending the entire semester in the darkroom (35mm film - a decade before hearing the word 'pixel'), there was no doubt this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. A near death car crash the following year solidified my commitment to keeping true to my heart, and art. Photography is the only thing I have never lost interest in.  

Inspired by emotion, the ocean, adventure and love ... my photographs are just the way I see it.